CONGRATULATIONS TO MICHELLE! CHECK OUT THE AWARD SHE RECEIVEDApril 14th, 2016   I'm blessed and honored to announce that I've been chosen as the 2016 Honor Graduate by the ISSA and DEAC! I didn't really know the magnitude of the award...
SPOTLIGHT FITNESS PROFESSIONAL: THE IDEA FITNESS JOURNALApril 13th, 2016 Featured in the March 2016 Idea Fitness Journal as a Spotlight Fitness Professional!
MAGICAL GOLDEN MILK – WHY YOU SHOULD START DRINKING ITJanuary 30th, 2016 Many people like to end their day by sipping on a cup of chamomile tea, but even devoted tea drinkers may be tempted by a warm cup of golden milk. In...
YOUR SECRET WEAPONS: FIVE HORMONES THAT SET YOUR METABOLISM UP FOR SUCCESS OR FAILUREJanuary 21st, 2016   It is not always true that "what you put into it is what you get out of it!".  You may diet and exercise until you are blue and are wondering why your...
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The Accelerator Program - Rev up your metabolism! This highly effective weight management and body sculpting system was designed by Michelle. The performance nutrition and fitness systems involved in this program are custom-designed. All systems were developed and based on the best eating programs on the market, along with the advice of many leading figure and fitness experts in the nation. The strategies are proven to be effective based on all the testimonials of so many diverse groups of people. It is the quickest way to target bodyfat and gain lean muscle without suffering or feeling like you are on a "diet". You do not have to take pills, supplements (are optional), and you do not count calories (unless you want to). You become a fat burning machine just through the type of foods used on this program alone! It is great for executives, moms, "busy bees", parents, brides-to-be and for those preparing for competitions or special occasions. See the success stories and be amazed!

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Michelle Johnson, PNS, CFT Transformation Specialist

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Michelle offers a variety of Weight Management and Wellness Programs that are creatively designed for individuals. She is a body and life transformation specialist. All programs are managed online, phone, skype or in person and are rendered internationally. Michelle has served thousands worldwide.

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Shift Your Mind To Shift Your Body: 10 Mindsets & Solutions For Weight Loss

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Everywhere you go there is someone talking about weight loss or wanting to lose weight. We can read about how to do it hundreds of articles and blogs online. There are endless fitness professionals now calling themselves weight loss coaches. We follow them and respect their advice, but we still don’t seem to be able to conquer our goal to get lean, slim down, reduce fat or lose weight. The reason has less to do with dieting and exercise and more to do with your MINDSET.

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Barre Aum Booty Burn is Back June 18th 2:30-3:45pm. Sign up at before this one sells out!

barre aum - June

Barre Aum is a burn bliss experience. It will transform your BODY + SOUL with some cardio-intensive barre bursts combined with some light tribal dance inspired moves, basic feminine primal moves are woven into a dynamic yoga practice. 75% is focused on your backside, core & booty, 25% will help you gain strength and tone in your upper body. You will lift, tuck, balance, squeeze your muscles and flow.

Barre Aum is designed unlock the soul along with the hips in order to activate the natural Figure eight curves of a woman’s body. This will help freely releasing feminine tantric energy. You will tone, sculpt and get your yoga practice all in one powerfully packed session that will shake & wake up anything that lies dormant within.

Come with an open mind and join the fun. This class will be a place that you turn your AUM into OMG. This class is multi-layered and multi-faceted just like our clients!

Purchase your session HERE!

Barre Aum Booty Burn at Thrive Yoga JUNE 18th 2:30-3:45 Sign up at


Want to see what you can expect this workout. Barre and Yoga will be integrated together in a flow style giving you the amazing benefits of both. Tone, tighten, lengthen, strengthen while you become more aligned, balanced and flexible. – check out workshops to register! We may run out of space so sign up now! Don’t wait!



Meditation, Massage and Metta with Michelle

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“Love is a partnership of two unique people who bring out the very best in each other and who know that even though they are wonderful as individuals, they are even better together!”

I am excited to announce my partnership with the LifePower Department at Lifetime Athletic in Rockville, MD. We are launching this partner workshop for non-members & members. You can bring a friend, a spouse, a child or come alone. This will be Your Special Day! Be sure to sign up at the front desk at Lifetime or call in your registration. Information is in the flyer below.

Sign up now to reserve a space for two!

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Congratulations to Michelle! Check out the Award She Received



I’m blessed and honored to announce that I’ve been chosen as the 2016 Honor Graduate by the ISSA and DEAC! I didn’t really know the magnitude of the award until I was informed that there are over 250,000 students within the ISSA and over 1.5 million individuals collectively via 50+ schools that are accredited by the Distance Education Accrediting Commission.






My speech focused on never living in fear of the opinions of others. Get educated. Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to transform lives and as Nelson Mandela quoted, “to change the world!l” I am a teacher and an educator on how to be fit so you feel stable, strong and peaceful. Being recognized by the ISSA at the 90th Anniversary of DEAC is an extraordinary honor. It’s great to be viewed as a light and a leader in distance education and higher learning.”

I was featured on the Conference Cover for the brochure!



With Patrick Gamboa, the COO of ISSA (International Sports Science Association). Here I am receiving my award as an HONOR GRAD and Famous Alumni at the DEAC conference in Washington DC.