What People Are Saying About Michelle

Michelle has worked with many people from all walks of life over the years, here are some client success stories!

Jessica took 1st place and a $5000 check for the National Gold’s Gym Challenge. I did an interview with her on Facebook & here is what she had to say that I felt could inspire others! I was the WINNING TRAINER. I am encouraging Jessica now to pursue a career in fitness & to write her story. Hopefully, she will still listen and see my suggestions as words of wisdom.

“You can’t be the person you want to be if you refuse to let go of the person you are.”

“I know I was difficult, but you buckled down and told me, you WILL do this and I did, even if I didn’t want to or even if I didn’t think I could. You taught me a million important things, but if I had to remember one thing that you did better than anyone I have ever met…you believed in me. You told me it was possible and it was. It was possible and THEN some!”

“I honestly don’t think there really is a secret. I can say that, being where I was when I started, it is really, really difficult to look in the mirror and think, “this is going to change, don’t worry”. It’s so much easier to look at your reflection and think, “this is so far gone that it’s going to be impossible to get back”. Ignoring that latter voice is difficult, but I decided to put my inner voice aside for three months and see where the other voice would take me.”

“You put the tools in my hands and with those tools, I developed a million tricks that made the whole process a lot easier and more positive. I was able to concentrate on the positive instead of dwelling on the negative. It really was a time for me that I looked outside of who I was and really, REALLY saw the person I wanted to be and knew I could be.”

“Plateaus are difficult. I remember, during my twelve weeks, there was a week where I lost 1 pound. ONE. That was insane to me, after all the hard work I knew I had done that week. However, the next week, I changed things up, did different activities, came to your TRX boot camp (I have a love/hate relationship with the TRX), etc. The following week I SOMEHOW lost 8 pounds!

I had lost weight before the program in the past, gotten to a plateau and thought, “screw it, I’m getting a pizza.” This time, I said, “screw the plateau, it’s not going to bring me down with it.”

Thanks Jess. You are inspiration for all those who now have to meet the challenges before them!




Winner of the Gold's Gym Know Your Own Strength Challenge

I decided to sign up for Michelle’s program when I could no longer fit into my clothes and nothing I was doing was working. Well, I still can’t fit into my clothes…. Because they are too big! Through Michelle’s guidance, weight management plan and great workout sessions, I was able to lose 30 pounds, gain muscle, lose inches and drop my body fat by 11%. Michelle kept me motivated and helped me work through trouble spots. I look forward to maintaining my healthier body!

Betsy Meltzer

Teacher & Mom

I can’t say enough about the work Michelle has done with me. She has really encouraged me regarding my weight management. I have lost a ton of body fat. I originally came to her to do core work, but then she suggested I do the full program. Her ‘ways of the force’, as I call it is highly effective–I worked with her for about 12 weeks initially and was then able to keep off the weight because of what she taught me. My entire mind set about food and exercise changed and I even lost additional weight over the next couple of years. She’s worth every minute (and dime!) and then some!

Chaitra Harris


Michelle’s Accelerator Program helped me learn the importance of not depleting myself of calories to lose weight. What really impressed me is my stomach always looked bloated despite my efforts in the gym and now it is flat. I am seeing tone and shape in my arms like never before and I feel better overall.

Melissa Banner

Sales & Mom

Training with Michelle twice a week has given me an amazing amount of energy. I thought exercising would make me more tired. I never exercised prior to this and am surprised that I no longer need my naps in the afternoon. I have gained strength and have lost a total of 15 -20lbs. This is without an eating program. I am doing things in the gym, I never thought I could do.

Mimi Lee

Business Owner & Mom

Michelle is (and continues to be) inspirational in helping me create amazing changes for my body and workout. The dietary changes and constantly changing workouts helped me to lose weight (that I just couldn’t shed) as well as inches. My body has been totally reshaped and I attribute it to Michelle’s diligent attention to my program needs. I have worked with other trainers over the years but Michelle has a handle on what works!

Sairra Lox

Make-up Artist & Mom

I was frustrated with exercise and diet and for so many years was not getting results. Finally, I hired Michelle to help me with weight management. Not only did she help me with my eating, she understood my culture as a Hispanic and adjusted my nutrition program to include my favorite foods. I feel lighter and instantly lost 10 lbs and I see shape in my body like never before. My dilemma now is to come exercise or just to work with Michelle because of the relationship we have formed. Working with Michelle is great! My husband also signed up with Michelle and we both are very pleased with the program and our results.

Libby Bryant

Real Estate Agent

I met Michelle Beaumont when I was 21. She was teaching classes at my gym. After talking to her about her nutrition and exercise, she made me feel hopeful and excited about the possibilities. She made an individual workout and nutrition plan for me that fit my lifestyle. An easy to follow nutrition plan with yummy foods to eat and an excellent workout program that was easy to follow. I quickly began to lose weight and see results. At the check-ins she encouraged me to do my best when I thought I couldn’t. At the end of the program, I lost around 23lbs. I say it to this day, Michelle, in a way, saved my life. She gave me the tools to learn how to better take care of my body for the rest of my life. I will forever be grateful to her for the lifelong health she has given me.”

Michaela Krucka


My encounter with Michelle first started when I was entering the pageant world and I was in need of some assistance to help me develop the level of fitness that was going to help me improve in the swimsuit area of the pageant. It was then that I enrolled in her Accelerator program. Before this, I had tried several fitness and diet regimens but it was not until I met Michelle that I finally saw REAL results. Even just a couple of weeks of personal training with Michelle, I started seeing results. Not only that, but I instantly felt the change in terms of energy and mood. It is not just an exterior change but an interior one as well that results in a complete transformation and the accelerator program put me on the right path to a healthy lifestyle. I did reach that goal of fitness and placed in the top 5 at Miss Virginia USA along with being crowned Miss Fredericksburg USA.

Michelle worked with me to develop a program that was customized to my individual needs and put together a plan that was simple to follow but yet very detailed and geared towards my specific goals. Michelle’s fitness accelerator program not only helps you reach your goals, but gives you unimaginable results that you thought were never possible! The fitness program along with the diet plan work hand in hand to make sure you are getting the workout you need while still maintaining a healthy intake of the foods needed to keep that energy level up.

I strongly recommend Michelle’s fitness program to anyone that is looking for real and satisfying results! Aside from the program, Michelle is a pleasure to work with and today is one of my good friends! (Or older sister as I like to call her : )She was and has been a great role model for me that I look up to and her motivation has gone above and beyond. After being on the program for quite some time, not only did I start to feel better about myself but I gained a higher confidence level that has lead me to where I am today. I currently am a member of the Washington Redskins Cheerleaders. Because of her fitness program, I was able to make this dream a possibility and while cheering I have been able to maintain myself with her program. She has helped me reach my goals and much more! Everything Michelle taught me I have taken with me and utilized her plan to help me maintain the level I am at and I have gone above and beyond my expectations! I cannot thank her enough. The most important thing I achieved in the end was a happier, healthier lifestyle. Thanks to Michelle’s Accelerator program, my life has changed dramatically! If you are ready to change your life for the better, join Michelle’s fitness program!

Elieen Lopez

Redskins Cheerleader

I met Michelle shortly after giving birth to my baby. I was surprised to see how much my body changed after childbirth. I was a Brazilian Bikini Model in the US prior to that and thought I would never get my body back. After training with Michelle for a few months, my waist went back to 24 inches. I now feel confident with my body once again and am thankful to Michelle for her expertise and also for being a great friend. I highly recommend Michelle as a trainer, especially for new mothers.

Biani Seested

Figure Model & Mom