Online Weight Management – 15 Weeks

This program is for those who have 30 or more pounds to lose and/or who are over 24% body fat. This program focuses on weight loss, body fat reduction and the gain of lean muscle in order to build a stronger fitness foundation. Meal Plans are flexible and modified to meet your lifestyle. Whether workouts are done on your own at home or in a workout facility will depend on workout equipment available. Once goals are accomplished, clients progress to the Accelerator Program for an additional 12-24 weeks depending on results desired. You can expect to lose 15-24 pounds, 3” off of your waist, and most troublesome body part and the loss of 6-12% body fat. This program includes weekly check ins, coaching via email and skype as needed, nutritional and exercise guidance including cardio.

*The Weight Management Elite Program includes 6 in person check-ins.

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