Online Weight Management – 15 Weeks

This program is for those who have 30 or more pounds to lose and/or who are over 24% body fat. The focus is on weight loss, body fat reduction and the gain of lean muscle in order to build a stronger fitness foundation and lean out. Meal Plans are flexible and modified to meet your lifestyle approximately every two weeks depending on results. Whether workouts are done on your own at home or in a workout facility will depend on workout equipment available. Once goals are accomplished, clients progress to a more advanced Accelerator Program for an additional 12-24 weeks depending on results desired. You can expect to lose approximately 15-24 pounds, 3” off of your waist, and most troublesome body part and the loss of 3-6% body fat, although some lose 6-12%. This program includes weekly check ins, coaching via email and SKYPE as needed, nutritional and exercise guidance including cardio. If a client is local a 4-6 week body fat reading will be included.

*The Weight Management Elite Program includes 6 in person check-ins.

There are no refunds given under any circumstances. Service Credits Only. You can opt to suspend your program for up to two weeks without a service fee. A $150 Reassessment and formulation fee will be applied for programs that restart longer than 2 weeks after a suspension for this program.

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