Secrets To Slaying as a Spiritual Entrepreneur


Owning businesses and having a few revenue streams is a lot of pressure.

But, I thrive on that. I am constantly paying attention to the ebb and flow. It’s no different than deficits and gains.  If something is energetically draining me, the signs are there that it’s not in alignment with my goals. If it is feeding my soul, I am profiting and I am thriving energetically, I am at the right place and at the right time. Less obstacles in the way. All is in sync and there is grace, known as, synchronicity. 

Here is how I keep the channels clear and accelerate my success:

  • I often look for energetic blocks. People or situations that block my success. It’s a tough call, but sometimes they have to go so all can flow again. If you can’t eliminate them you find creative ways do work with that energy. Dance with it. 
  • Once you shift into a place of this is not work, but what I am meant to do. You develop a strong mindset of purpose and doing you love. Maybe you just want another revenue stream that will help you pay for your child’s college! 
  • Knowing your why is when the magic happens. All I must do to leap to success becomes an invitation to better myself and expand beyond my own self limiting beliefs. Even the stuff I least enjoy. I tend to do that first and get it out do the way. Then I get to play!
  • If you want to be a super attractor for abundance you need to proceed more consciously. You need to have integrity and be a trustworthy. The people and things you need appear and have divine purpose towards your goals. Visualize. Embody your goals. Walk it and talk it!
  • Some view opportunity as “work” or think it should be “easy”. This over complicates it all. It should be play. And when you do it with love and see it as a game, you win!
  • Tell yourself this… “I welcome infinite possibilities and am open to receive.”
  • Networking is the number one way to succeed in my books. When you are around people who believe in your mission and who you connect with let them also help you find the things and people you need to build what it is you are doing.
  • The synergy of supporting and mentoring one another is very powerful. But, the key  is to always remain coach-able. If you have nothing to learn you must get back to reality and remind yourself, “I am not dead, I am meant to create and I need help! This is human.
  • When approaching less conscious people with what you have to offer, shift into speaking to them on their terms. Language they are receptive too and a pace they can digest. Slow talkers, slow talking. Always shift away from selling to “sharing”.
  • People pick up on energy. It’s magnetic and attractive. Salesy people come off manipulative and needy. When you believe in what you are offering and understand your why, you are authentic and people are more responsive to passion.
  • Be okay with judgments and rejections. Not everyone will be woo-hoo for what you offer. So be okay with some rejection. More people reject things without even really listening because they are afraid of regret and fear. So find out if you can ease their fears. Follow up later.
  • If you genuinely want to help people they will at least appreciate your invitation to share with them what you feel may benefit them. If not, practice non attachment to outcomes and move on to those who love, support and need your vision. They are out there. Gotta keep sifting.


I have a passion for helping others succeed and a reputation for being good at it now. I love sharing my success secrets.

In order to keep the spiritual vibes high,  you need to stay out of the garbage and keep focusing on staying “onward and upward!” Some people are just nasty. So pray for them. 

People pick up your grace and ease when you feel knowledgeable and aligned with your truth. You are confident that what you are offering serves others in a higher way. They may not go for what you have to offer, but they will continue to observe you. You never know, they may come around over time. Anything is possible!

If you are just posting to post. Get to work. Start another revenue stream!! Use your time wisely. Use social media to build relationships and attract. Be relatable and real. Care by supporting others too unconditionally. Post for them. Buy from them. Refer to them. Wish them a Happy Birthday!

Embrace your success, own your light , know your purpose and step into your greatness fully. Faith is a muscle. 

Practice surrendering and aligning yourself with your purpose for doing something towards your higher purpose everyday. Abundance is a symbol that you are on to something and are in the flow.

Don’t be surprised if some things to fall in your lap and that the guidance you need appears and comes quickly. 

 That’s how I role as a Spiritual Entrepreneur!

Still not feeling so sure? Just surrender and say this in a prayer to God, the Universe, your higher self, “Where would you have me go? What would you have me say? And to Whom?” Watch for Divine Guidance. 

I promise it will come and it will amaze you! 

Michelle Johnson: 
CFT Transformation Specialist,

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